“Content is Queen”

Working with our clients we develop and produce video for multiple platforms and distribution channels. This includes brand content, internal video, educational video and marketing material.
At Echo Ledge Media we work with our clients to ensure that their content is relevant to the market, channel as well as to their brand. We offer a comprehensive content management and strategy service and can act as consultants to guide your content in the right direction. We work with marketing teams to provide expert insights into the world of content and content production and delivery.
If you can dream it we can film it. As our longest running offering we are experts at developing, producing and delivering video productions. This includes different types of video content, corporate documentary and music videos.

Corporate Documentary

Documentary allows clients to better understand and convey the impact of their work. This content will show what your users are feeling, thinking and caring about and how you have influenced their lives. Docuemtary is especially powerful when used to put a face behind the statistic. It makes data understandable and shows the impact of research on lives, human or other. The seemingly objective view into reality is a powerful tool to rally support for your cause and highlight the impacts of your work.

Music Videos

Music made visual, we create stunning music videos to match the sound and feel of the artist and the track. With a long track record in creating quality videos at affordable rates for African artist Echo Ledge will give your song the imagery it needs to resonate in the audience minds.