Echo Ledge is founded in a user design approach that means thinking about who your audience is, and how they are going to consume the content. During this phase we develop the Concept DesignDocument, the Script and Storyboards.

The CONCEPT DESIGN document covers the design approach to the story. It includes elements that will be used throughout the video such as colour palettes, logos, icons, fonts, editing techniques, characters, etc. This document acts as a guide to the designers and editors as they proceed, and as a graphical indicator to the client of the direction the video is headed

While drafting the SCRIPT with client, we determine the best language, formats, and overall story approach to use for your content. This might include developing narrative arcs, deciding when best to use examples as well as developing structures for video series.

STORYBOARDS serve to test out still images of the forthcoming video. A designer will create screens associated with the each paragraph/section of the script. We use the storyboards as the point of departure for the video but also to begin designing the moving elements. Our graphic designers are editors and vice versa so there is a good cohesion between the storyboard and the overall final product.


Production is where we take action! We offer variety of production options including graphics, animations and live action, whatever is needed to actualise on the content. For explainer videos we use a trusted voice over studio with a variety of voice artist, in different languages. It is very important that the script is finalised before this process takes place as any changes require additional costs.

Once we have our Narration we animate and edit at our Post- Production office in Cape Town. All our animators are trained story editors as well as designers. We find an integrated approach produces the best type of motion graphics.

Echo Ledge also offers full Production Services for filming under our production wing, we develop and produce video for multiple platforms and distribution channels. This includes brand content, internal video, marketing material, social media content, as well as corporate documentaries to take your audience deeper into your work. We can also seamlessly join narrative or documentary filming with animated concepts.

Post Production Services include editing and animation as well as finishing. This is where we take all the raw material, ideas and inspirations and create the content that will connect to your audience


We delivery our full HD videos via downloadable link and keep your videos private until they have been released by you. We will share and spread your videos, from your hosted sites across our social media platforms. Please do send us comments and feedback as we love to improve and see the reach of our work!