2019 Promotion

Getting your brand or message into the social media space can seem like a daunting process. Today, every cellphone owner is also a content producer and it is so easy to get lost in the noise. Echo Ledge Media wants to start the year by helping small business owners with a social media video boost. We are offering a quick turnover, short video for social media platforms using basic animation characters or live video for only R7500. Contact us today with your idea and we will send you a quote on the same day!

Bergzicht Training

Bergzicht Training is a non-government organisation situated in the heart of Stellenbosch, South Africa.Their mission is to  empower and inspire disadvantaged persons, with little formal education, by equipping them with the necessary skills that they need to extricate themselves from impoverished circumstances. 


Nestled in the heart of Stellenbosch, Bergzight training has been providing access to further education to the community for over 20 years. In 2018 Echo Ledge Media was commissioned to tell the story of Bergzicht so that their funders and students can understand the role they play in improving the lives of those in the greater Stellenbosch and Winelands area. 

After initial discussion we focused on 3 past students who perfectly demonstrate the impact of Bergzicht Training. With the skills they learnt from their training, and with the assistance of Bergzicht, these individuals became highly prized employees. Their lives and the lives of all the people around them have been significantly improved.

We used these examples, intercut with school life, as well as information on the history and impacts of Bergzicht to create an uplifting organisational video. The video will be used as promotional material for both funders and potential students. To find out more about Bergzicht Training please go to http://www.bergzicht.com and see the video below!

Bergzicht Training Promo Video from Echo Ledge Media on Vimeo.

#WeCommit – Let’s end violence against children

The Prevention of Violence Against Children video for the #WeCommit campaign is a collaborative effort from a variety of organisations and funders. We chose to focus on depicting real life situations of how children are exposed to violence. These situations have a knock on effect that permeates throughout our society.

With one in three children in South Africa harmed by their parent or caregiver we focused on depicting home situations and the knock on effects that this damage has.
Beginning with the fear of retribution when our ball playing characters break a window, we then go inside the house where we learn more about just how prevalent violence against children is in our society.

Government spends over R126billion on policing and criminal justice but just R9billion on violence prevention programmes. The video argues that changing spending priorities can reduce the amount of violence in our society by protecting our children and ending the cycles of violence.

In order to change Government spending priorities and impact societal changes, politicians need to speak out and condemn all forms of violence against children. We need to invest more in the social, economic and psychological well being of our children and spend money on violence prevention that is proven to work.We need to use tax payer’s money to create Clinic’s and Rehabilitation Centres aimed to combat the effects of violence. This would help prevent many children who experience violence becoming violent themselves.

To convey this very serious messaging Echo Ledge Media chose to depict illustrated scenes rather than infographics and focus on the narrative of violence and how it moves through our society. A lot of our emphasis was on lighting and small expressive movements which would capture the fear and long term effects of violence.

One in five South African children will experience sexual abuse before they turn 18. Children feel the lasting effects of violence as fear, anxiety and depression. They are more likely to use drugs and to become violent themselves. This has a devastating impact on our society. At the end of our video we come back to this scene to deliver a message of hope, that this cycle of violence can be altered through speaking out and joining #WeCommit

Given the extensive impact of violence against children on our society, and the urgent need to take action, Echo Ledge is proud to stand with the #WeCommit campaign to call for an end to violence against children.

Innovation for the Future of Africa

At the beginning of 2012 we created our first ever motion graphic video. It was an introduction to the African Futures Project at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS). This turned into a series of videos and then into a long standing collaboration between Echo Ledge and the ISS. In October 2018 we finally went back and redid that video.

From the spark of that first (not so great) motion graphic we’ve built a whole Motion team, expanded our client base and honed our skills. Now in 2018 Echo Ledge Media got to revisit that first video and show off just how far we’ve come.

We’ve done over 40 videos with the ISS, including many for African Futures and Innovation. These videos graphically explain the fundamental points on a particular research topic as an introduction to an in depth body of research and data.

We tried to encapsulate the broad body of research the ISS does (global/macro) with the in depth analytics of their data (micro). To do so we combined graphic elements representing globes with orbits and cells with connections.

We also wanted to find a graphical motif for the data they capture and work with which needed to flow and interconnect. This involved small “data dots” which we animated into orbits, brought together, and broke apart.

The African Futures and Innovation project also works a lot with time as they examine past trends and how what we do now will affect the future. You might pick up quite a bit of time remapping that we did to try and accentuate this idea of past/present and the future that we can change.


The video is housed on the ISS website and is used throughout the African Future’s and Innovation Projects to perfectly and succinctly illustrate what they do and how they do it.

Electing the United Nations Security Council

Elect The Council is an international campaign for the reform of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). In addition to engagement with UN member states, support and participation is being solicited from civil society, churches, business, non-governmental organisations and regional groupings. Elect The Council is working towards an enabling resolution to effect UNSC reform by two-thirds of the members of the UN General Assembly, based on a detailed set of recommendations tailored to the emerging world order. The campaign is coordinated by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS).

Echo Ledge worked to develop these series of videos that look at the real world implications of the UNSC and how the structures of the UNSC inform and dictate the way decisions are being made. For this we felt it was important to tap into the vast amount of visual media available showing the world we live in and the important role the UNSC plays for many countries.

To see more about this campaign please go to www.electhecouncil.org

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