Echo Ledge Productions started in 2009 when creative directors Matthew Griffiths and Rafeeqah Galant decided that storytelling needed to become part of the day-to-day way we consume media. Not wanting to create just another boutique production company in Cape Town, Echo Ledge operates with the goal to inject meaningful storytelling into each piece of content we create.

  • We work with organisations that have a strong message and goal and take a holistic approach to solve the creative problem.
  • We work across mediums and languages to create the most effective piece of content that meets the requirements.
  • We work with a variety of local experts, always using as much home grown talent as possible to give our work an authentic voice.
  • We believe in growing our industry and endeavour to work with diverse voices and representation that reflects the audience of the content we are making.
  • We work to a strict moral and ethical code that guides both the content we make and how we make it.
  • We inject fun, love, authenticity and all our creativity into single thing we make, it doesn’t matter how big or small the project. We give it all we got!


Our small, agile creative team works from our offices at Salt Circle Arcade, Cape Town – or wherever the shoot takes us ūüôā

Creative Director: Matthew Griffiths

Echo Ledge came into being through a desire to create. I have always been interested in storytelling, art, photography, design and music. Filmaking offers us the opportunity to combine all these in one medium. Now we have matured from a desire for simple creation, into a need to create content that is meaningful and has a positive impact on our society. I still follow my creative passions independently and have a burning desire to become more aware and understand humanity and it’s place in the universe better.

Creative Director: Rafeeqah Galant

Hi, I am Rafeeqah and I work at Echo Ledge as a writer, director and designer, as well as a producer. I love to tell stories, explore ideas and develop projects in way that is authentic and effective.I hope that we create meaningful content that will impact on South African audiences and then travel to the world stage showcasing our African perspective to the globe.

Digital Creator: Reven Moodley

Hey, my name is Reven and I am a Digital Creator here at Echo Ledge. I discovered editing and visual effects at a young age, during a time when it all seemed a bit like magic. Now days,  my interests are always expanding, some examples being timelapse, photography, motion graphics and 3D. Why I love what we do is there is always more to be learnt, and enhancements are always being made everyday.


Echo Ledge Media has a 6 month internship that runs twice a year. We hope to be a space where newcomers to the industry can discover the day to day requirements and responsibilities that is needed to be a valuable contributor to the film and media industry. Our internship programme has been active since 2011 and has seen many different people learn and grow in their respective fields. Interns receive a monthly stipend and are required to be full time (9-4) at our Salt River office. Here they work in each area of production from conception all the way through to post production and receive the opportunity to complete a project to which they can attach their name. If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining us as an intern please follow our social media channels and join our mailing list to be notified of internships and other opportunities.

Interning at Echo Ledge Productions was an eye-opening experience. The company’s versatility in their range of projects offered, allowed for me to acquire knowledge across various forms of video production.¬†I easily assimilated into the company culture and was afforded quite a it of autonomy with regards to contributing on projects; gaining valuable experience on set and working within production crews that extended outside of the core company staff.¬†Rafeeqah and Matthew were always patient and understanding, and from whom I learnt vital principles of protocol and etiquette that I still apply to this day.¬†~ Shuabe Jacobs (2013)

Jay-Allen Morris (2014)

Being an intern at Echo Ledge Media was a tremendous honour for me, the staff is very professional and it’s a very relaxed environment. I worked side by side with Matthew and Rafeeqah and I’ve learnt quite a lot from them when it comes to filmmaking. I gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience in script writing, directing, producing and editing. Coming from Echo Ledge Media I had an opportunity to work on shows for SABC 2& 3, Brics TV as well as the European Current Affairs station called Telesur. I’m very grateful to the for taking me in to their offices and granting¬†me opportunity¬†to work with them. ~ Athi JamJam (2017)