#WeCommit – Let’s end violence against children

The Prevention of Violence Against Children video for the #WeCommit campaign is a collaborative effort from a variety of organisations and funders. We chose to focus on depicting real life situations of how children are exposed to violence. These situations have a knock on effect that permeates throughout our society.

With one in three children in South Africa harmed by their parent or caregiver we focused on depicting home situations and the knock on effects that this damage has.
Beginning with the fear of retribution when our ball playing characters break a window, we then go inside the house where we learn more about just how prevalent violence against children is in our society.

Government spends over R126billion on policing and criminal justice but just R9billion on violence prevention programmes. The video argues that changing spending priorities can reduce the amount of violence in our society by protecting our children and ending the cycles of violence.

In order to change Government spending priorities and impact societal changes, politicians need to speak out and condemn all forms of violence against children. We need to invest more in the social, economic and psychological well being of our children and spend money on violence prevention that is proven to work.We need to use tax payer’s money to create Clinic’s and Rehabilitation Centres aimed to combat the effects of violence. This would help prevent many children who experience violence becoming violent themselves.

To convey this very serious messaging Echo Ledge Media chose to depict illustrated scenes rather than infographics and focus on the narrative of violence and how it moves through our society. A lot of our emphasis was on lighting and small expressive movements which would capture the fear and long term effects of violence.

One in five South African children will experience sexual abuse before they turn 18. Children feel the lasting effects of violence as fear, anxiety and depression. They are more likely to use drugs and to become violent themselves. This has a devastating impact on our society. At the end of our video we come back to this scene to deliver a message of hope, that this cycle of violence can be altered through speaking out and joining #WeCommit

Given the extensive impact of violence against children on our society, and the urgent need to take action, Echo Ledge is proud to stand with the #WeCommit campaign to call for an end to violence against children.