Echo Ledge Media, in conjunction with Aviro Med Design are in the Create Phase of a 3 phase project that looks at how technology and story can help guide youth in making and maintaining healthy lifestyle and living. Created in partnership for MSF (Doctors Without Borders) Southern Africa, a platform will be built that incorporates a variety of media included animated informational video, narrative stories, character testimonials, augmented reality and virtual reality components.

During the first phase of the project: Explore. Aviro Med Design and Echo Ledge Media conducted extensive user design research to deeply understand the audience that the tool is being created for. Working with partners, Deloitte Digital user design workshops were conducted in Khayelitsha (Cape Town) and Eshowe (KZN). From these workshops insights were gathered to understand the user journeys and interactions with the health care facilities, their personal environments, their level of knowledge and education and the type of stories that they resonate and connect with.

Now, during this next phase creative content as well as an interactive platform is being designed with these users in mind. The tool will be available both online and offline so as to maximise the reach within areas with limited connectivity. In the third phase MSF will conduct research to the effectiveness of this intervention and its potential for upscaling throughout Africa.

During the discover phase (User design, sprints & workshops) the need for story, creativity and visual messaging was strongly emphasized from both the youth and the organizational partners. As the world the youth occupy today is viewed through a screen, the content on the screen needs to be considered and valuable. Four key facts were highlighted regarding using story for influencing behaviours.

To learn more about this project and keep up to date with our work visit our project briefing page, for more information or possible collaboration contact us.