Kosowo Music Video – Tunde Ednut

Kosowo Music Video

Having previously worked on his hit record “Baby Boo”, the third time that Nigerian artist Tunde Ednut came to South Africa to shoot with ELP Media, we created a post-apocalyptic world in which he searches for a lost lover.

In this story the Earth’s fossil fuels dried up quickly, food became scarce, billions died of disease and malnutrition. The world’s survivors live in bleak landscapes, struggling to find water, and travelling by foot/cart/horse. It’s a dangerous world where death is always knocking. Tunde travels across a post-apocalyptic desert chasing the mirage of a woman until he comes across a tribe where he uses his music to conjure a being and win the girl.

The “Kosowo” Music Video was a chance to test our creative boundary by making use of some more unusual locations and get away from the stereotyped fast-car, big money flash music videos. Pushing through some tough conditions in the sand created a distinct look and an intriguing sci-fi/fantasy universe for another great video for Tunde which has garnered over 12 000 views on Youtube with an overwhelmingly positive response from both audiences and industry.

CREDITS: Directed by Matthew Griffiths, Produced by Rafeeqah Galant, Dancing by Natasha Rhoda, Cinematography by Christian Denslow, Styling by Tracy-Lee Rosslind
PD by Jette Neumann, with assistance from Barrett De Kock, Frankie Stromberg, Warrick Le Sueur, Jacques Lodewyk and Alasdair McCulloch