Nedgroup Investments Playbook




[one_half_last]What type of team does it take to make up one of the most successful investment groups in South Africa? What does their team strategy and training look like?

Nedgroup Investments works in partnership with Echo Ledge Media in providing dynamic and intuitive training tools and activations for their employees. Constantly pushing the boundaries on training innovation mediums,Echo Ledge has been able to provide Nedgroup Investments with one of their key tools - The Nedgroup Investments Playbook.

From conceptualization to design and production, Echo Ledge Media was involved in every step of the process. As part of this design, Echo Ledge Media created personalized avatars, new training terms/definitions and various interactive pages designed to engage staff during training. The playbook consists of over 200 individually designed pages that cover all aspects of Nedgroup Investment and their parent company, Nedbank. With the playbook in hand staff member know what it takes to be a true Nedgroupie.

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Green Create Nutra Corporate Identity

[one_half]Green Create Nutra is an international algal biotechnology company, growing Spirulina in Mauritius.

ELP Media created their corporate identity consisting of a logo along with various marketing materials. The logo’s shape represents the shape of the spiralling algae as well as the water it is grown in. The green to blue fade shows the Spirulina’s vibrant colour as well as the blue pigment that can be extracted from it.